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We have a large range of headwear products that we can personalize for your brand or company.

Everything from Beanies and Bucket Hats to Wide Brim Hats and Caps, plus lots more. Almost anything you can imagine.

Legend Life
Headwear Specialist
Headwear 24

Depending on the Headwear item you choose, we can do one of several things to it.

It can be embroided or have a transfer applied to it or basically any other mode of branding you can think of as long as it will work effectively with that clothing item.

The links will direct you to some of our garments suppliers’ websites. If you would like a price on any garments, just make a note of the Catalogue, style code, colour, size etc and email us your choices.

If you can not find what you are looking for, the chances are we can get it from one of our unlisted suppliers or we could find it for you